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Repositioning Apartment Buildings:

Video 1 (about 22 minutes): Introduction to Repositioning Apartment Buildings

Video 2 (about 23 minutes): Repositioning Analysis for Apartment Buildings

Video 3 (about 49 minutes): Spreadsheet and Templates for Repositioning Apartment Buildings

Income and Expense Analysis:

Video 1 (about 14 minutes): Blast From The Past

Video 2 (about 4 minutes): Quick Input Form1

Video 3 (about 4 minutes): Quick Input Form2

Video 4 (about 4 minutes): Income Analysis Summary Tutorial1

Video 5 (about 3 minutes): Derived Capitalization Rate Tutorial1

Video 6 (about 18 minutes): Calculating Capitalization Rate

Real Estate Syndication:

Video 1 (about 5 minutes): Who Can Participate In Syndications?