Are you searching for a replacement property for your IRC 1031 Exchange?

  • Have you sold your property and placed your capital gains with a qualified intermediary, but you cannot find a good replacement property?
  • Is time running out to identify a replacement property?
  • You have the financing ready, but you cannot find the best replacement property in time to meet the strict IRC 1031 identification time limit?
  • Are you at risk of losing your capital gains tax deferral?

You and I have something in common. We are both motivated to buy. I want to buy apartment buildings, and then improve them for increased cash flow and build a better tenant base. You want to buy more real estate by investing your capital gains with tax deferral in an IRC 1031 exchange.

My name is Jeffrey D. Smith and I am a real estate entrepreneur. I can help you to protect your capital gains that are at risk in a stalled IRC 1031 exchange. I can offer a win-win solution for both of us, especially when the clock is ticking to identify a replacement property.

Let me show you how we can help each other, even when you are not focused on apartment buildings. Whether you are looking for office buildings, retail space, warehouses, whatever kind of replacement property you want, my creative solution to the strict IRC 1031 time constraint for identifying a replacement property helps both of us to achieve our investment goals.

I can help you to protect your capital gains and give you as much time as you want to find the best replacement property. You can help me to acquire apartment buildings with a “delayed conveyance” that gives me time to improve the property performance and its market value, while you own the apartment building to protect your capital gains.

By improving the apartment building performance and market value, I am actually providing greater protection for your capital gains! The improved market value provides the created equity that I need to refinance the property to acquire full ownership, so you can move your capital gains to your best replacement property.

When I have repositioned and stabilized the apartment building and you have found the best replacement property, then we can schedule a double close to move your capital gains from the apartment building to your replacement property and I can acquire full ownership of the apartment building. We can solve each other’s problem!

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