Welcome to Smith Syndication of Verity Investments LLC (a Colorado Limited Liability Company). Our mission is to provide private syndicated equity investment opportunities on distressed apartment buildings in recovering markets for Radiant Wealth Creation that spreads prosperity throughout society.

Our fundamental view about Radiant Wealth Creation is founded on our absolute certainty in free enterprise, and its abundance that radiates prosperity by delivering to society quality products and services. “Price is what you pay, value is what you receive.” We always strive to deliver products and services that are more valuable than the price. There are no limits to wealth creation, because there are no limits to what life can create on this amazing world that we are so privileged to enjoy and share. We welcome all investors who share this fundamental view about free enterprise, radiant wealth creation, and delivering to society quality products and services that are more valuable than the price paid for those goods.

We organize and gather together funding from private lenders and equity investors to buy, repair and renovate, reposition and stabilize distressed income properties. After stabilizing the property for increased cash flow, we can refinance the property at its higher and better appraised value, or sell the property to recover the investment for rolling into the next project.

These types of investments require a level of sophistication, financial literacy, risk tolerance, and financial capacity to withstand substantial or total loss of investment. While we manage the transaction on behalf of our private financiers, these investments are not intended for “retail investors” that are unable or unwilling to understand and to manage their portfolio risk.

We will pre-qualify your financial capacity, risk tolerance, and financial literacy before you are allowed to invest. Also, your first investment will be greatly limited to reduce your exposure to loss. After we establish a successful track record with you and we are comfortable in understanding your investment criteria and preferences, then we may offer to you larger investment opportunities.

Please review our Disclaimer page for more information on risk management. You can download the most revision of our disclaimer by clicking here.

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