Smith Syndication is the website presence for Verity Investments LLC – A Colorado Limited Liability Company.

We provide educational content regarding wealth creation through real estate investing. We provide information about opportunities in the real estate market.

Our mission for Smith Syndication is to gather together private financiers to acquire and reposition distressed commercial income properties, mostly apartment buildings in recovering markets. Smith Syndication provides the property search, negotiation, contracts, managing the repositioning and stabilizing of the property, and then refinancing or selling the property to redeem all of the repositioning financing plus cash-out profit. Our private financiers provide the equity investment and qualify for the debt financing (both private debt for repositioning and institutional debt for refinancing).

As compensation for our services, Smith Syndication receives a syndication premium fee when the property is purchased, a subordinated percentage ownership for the net cash flow, and a subordinated percentage of the exit strategy (part of the sale profits or part of the refinance cash-out). Our private financiers receive their agreed minimum yields on their investments before Smith Syndication receives any net cash flow or the exit strategy (our interest is subordinated to our private financiers).

Check out the Wealth Creation page for more details.