Generate a PDF syndication package or a loan request package

I just made a major update to the very affordably priced “Introduction to Income Valuation and Syndication” course. With the sophisticated macro-enabled Excel 2007 ProFormaStabilized.xlsm spreadsheet, you can now generate a multi-page PDF presentation package for syndicating to your private financiers or for submitting a loan request to a commercial lender. There are several tutorial videos showing how to use the spreadsheet and its presentation worksheets. Generating the package is just a point-and-click away!

Customers with active purchase plans will receive free download links via email for the update. If your purchase plan has expired or you want to learn how to get paid to buy income properties with Other People’s Money, then you can buy the course (click here for the sales page). Watch the YouTube versions of the tutorial videos on the sales page!

There’s even a bonus “mini course” with tutorial videos on taking over income properties with the Master Lease and Option strategy for no money down. It’s included at no extra cost!

This update proves my commitment to your success by updating my courses with the latest features and educational content. My students have already reported earning several thousands of dollars by using the strategies and techniques that I teach in my downloadable courses.

You won’t pay thousands of dollars like those Guru want to charge for their courses. I don’t want my prices to be a barrier to your success! I always offer a 60-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy, then I’ll immediately refund your money with no questions asked. My refund rate is the lowest in the industry, because my customers recognize the awesome value of my courses. They cannot get my educational content or sophisticated software anywhere else at such a low guaranteed price! This is software that I personally use for my own real estate investing!

Watch the YouTube video by clicking here.

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