Are you searching for a replacement property for your IRC 1031 Exchange?

  • Have you sold your property and placed your capital gains with a qualified intermediary, but you cannot find a good replacement property?
  • Is time running out to identify a replacement property?
  • You have the financing ready, but you cannot find the best replacement property in time to meet the strict IRC 1031 identification time limit?
  • Are you at risk of losing your capital gains tax deferral?
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master lease and option

In these interesting times of economic uncertainty, highly leveraged loans are coming due on multi-family income properties and many of these properties cannot qualify for institutional new financing. Owners are forced to sell, because they cannot obtain cost-effective refinancing. The qualifying for a refinance loan depends greatly on the property performance. Also, the available maximum Loan to Value (LTV) in today’s market may not be enough to pay off the existing debt.



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